How You Can Contribute

to This Site!

I want this site to be a community effort, which means I need your help in building it! Here's how you can help:

  1. Contribute Content. See "Suggestions For Article Topics" below for ideas on what types of things I'm hoping to receive from you! I'm willing to accept articles that you have previously submitted to the print bellydance magazines. If you have something you think might fit, please e-mail your suggestion to me!
  2. Contribute Artwork Featuring Plus-Sized Bellydancers.
  3. Link To It. The more people who link to this site, the more people who will find it and benefit from it! Also, encourage other people you know with web sites to link to it as well!
  4. Tell Other Bellydancers About It. Tell your students, teachers, classmates, and others about this site. Even the really thin ones! Even if some of these people are not Big Beautiful Women themselves, they may know someone else who would appreciate this site.
  5. Participate on the Yahoo Group for Full-Figured Belly Dancers. Post questions of your own, and respond to those posted by others.

Suggestions For Article Topics

Here are some suggestions for types of articles that I would love to receive from contributors:

  • Advice specifically aimed at plus-sized women who would like to bellydance. This can be on any topic: costuming, how to find a size-friendly teacher, etc.
  • Suggestions for venues where ample bellydancers would have an opportunity to perform. (I'm not looking for the name of a specific business establishment. It should be more generic, such as "Nursing Homes".)
  • Poetry, fiction, amusing stories, journal entries, or anecdotes about what it's like to be a full-figured women who bellydances.
  • Artwork featuring full-figured bellydancers. (I'd like to create an e-cards section, but first I need suitable artwork!)
  • If you're a professional dancer, high-quality video footage showing you performing.


About the Photo Galleries

A number of people have asked how I choose the dancers featured in the photo galleries.

Because creating each photo gallery represents an enormous amount of work for me, I don't intend to place a large number of them on this web site. I do intend to add a small number of additional ones. Click here to find out what I'm looking for so you can determine whether you're a match.