Lost in the Dance

Artwork by Linda Belmont




Women of all sizes can bellydance!

About the Artwork

The title of this piece is "Lost in the Dance." According to the artist, it represents, "How I can simply get lost in myself when dancing."


Women of all sizes can bellydance!

About the Artist

Linda Belmont, the artist, describes herself as follows:

I am an artist that writes and illustrates children's books, still trying to get published. I draw and paint just about anything that will stand still. I work in many different media and have pieces in a few galleries and homes from Florida to Michigan.

I sew costumes, make jewelry, sew wedding dresses for full-figured women, and create floral arrangements. I am learning to tattoo, and I am owned by a teenager, several dogs, birds and cats.

I grew up in a small town in Central Florida on a horse farm. I currently reside in Dothan, Alabama. I started dancing about 6 years ago to try to lose weight and find something to carefully tone up a medical condition in my back. While I still have two left feet, I do enjoy dancing and the peace and joy it has brought me.


Women of all sizes can bellydance!

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