Belly Dancing for Full-Figured Women

Belly Dancing for Full-Figured Women!

Belly dance is a wonderful fat burning exercise! It stimulates circulation, builds flexibility, strengthens your core, and raises your metabolism.

Unlike many other dance forms, belly dance is friendly to big beautiful bodies. You can start learning even as an adult. Because the dance is low impact, it won't place excessive stress on your joints.

This web site offers ideas for queen-sized women on how to enjoy being part of the belly dancing community. You don't have to bare your belly if you don't want to - there are many fabulous costuming options that allow you to cover your midriff. You can choose plus-sized costumes in a variety of flattering styles that celebrate your generous cleavage and voluptuous hips. Although restaurants typically look for young and thin dancers, there are plenty of other places where dancers of all sizes and shapes are welcomed as performers.

If you want to learn to bellydance, go ahead and try it! Don't think you need to lose weight first - use bellydancing itself to help you lose weight! It burns about 300 calories per hour, which is more than you'll burn sitting at home wishing you were dancing! This web site includes several photo galleries of plus-sized dancers showing a variety of costume options that look fabulous on them. If you sign up for a class, I'll bet you'll find other plus-sized students there too! You may think you're overweight, but belly dancing offers an entertaining way to get into shape.

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